MX-12 (3x4)

Small dimensions - Big possibilities

12 Buttons

3 Rows with 4 Buttons.

Full Programmable.

7 different LED colors.

3 Pages

3 different setups: Page A and Page B, both full editable. Page P (presets) with fixed layout.

2 Layers

Normal Press and Long Press.

6 Commands per layer

Transmitted All In Once or Step-By-Step.

62 Different Command Types

12 dedicated Axe-Fx I/II/III and FM3/9™ Types.

9 dedicated Kemper Profiler™ Types.

3 dedicated Line 6 HX Stomp™ Types.

3 dedicated Neural DSP Quad Cortex™ Types.

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MX-12 (3x4)

Sync with Axe-Fx Standard & Ultra™

Preset Name, Looper, Tuner, Tap Tempo.

Sync with Axe-Fx II (XL+)™

Preset Name, Scene Select, Looper, Tuner, Tap Tempo.

Sync with Axe-Fx III/FM3/FM9™

Preset Name, Scene Name, Active Scene, FX Block On/Off state and selected Channel, Looper, Tuner, Tap Tempo.

Sync with Kemper Profiler™

Performance Name, Rig Name, Stomp & FX states, Looper, Tuner, Tap Tempo.

Sync with Neural DSP Quad Cortex™

Use scenes.

Sync with Line 6 HX Stomp™

Use snapshots.

Compact & Lightweight

  • Length : 27 cm (10.62")
  • Width: 23 cm (9.06")
  • Height: 9 cm (3.56")
  • Weight: 1,56 kg (3.40 lbs)

Similar size as the FC-6™, double amount of buttons.

MX-12 (3x4)

3 Expression Inputs

Extra features:

  • Auto-engage.
  • Swap Expr CC's.
  • Suitable for external switches.

3 ways to Power

  • 9v Power Adapter 2.1mm.
  • Midi-7 (using the M-Box).
  • Ethercon (using the V-Box).

1 Cable

Use one cable for a clean setup in combination with the V-Box or M-Box.

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MX-12 (3x4)


Global buttons remain there On/Off state on program change.


Avoid tap dancing with Groups. Only one button in a group can be active.

100 presets

Save name and On/Off status of each button for up to 100 presets.

Obsolete when using in combination with an Axe-Fx I/II/III/FM3™ or Kemper Profiler™, since Preset Names are synced.

MX-12 (3x4)

Voes MX-12 (3x4)


Use the editor to program the MX-12 (Windows and Mac).

Swap or Copy buttons on the fly.

Use the Overview Tab to check your MX Layout.

Easy to use

Basic Mode shows only one command per Button, making programming easy.

Expert Mode gives you full control.

Easy setup

In just 3 steps you get started in no time.

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