MX-12 (3x4)

Small dimensions - Big possibilities

12 Buttons

3 Rows with 4 Buttons.

Full Programmable.

7 different LED colors.

3 Pages

3 different setups: Page A and Page B, both full editable. Page P (presets) with fixed layout.

2 Layers

Normal Press and Long Press.

6 Commands per layer

Transmitted All In Once or Step-By-Step.

62 Different Command Types

12 dedicated Axe-Fx I/II/III and FM3/9™ Types.

9 dedicated Kemper Profiler™ Types.

3 dedicated Line 6 HX Stomp™ Types.

3 dedicated Neural DSP Quad Cortex™ Types.

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MX-12 (3x4)

Sync with Axe-Fx Standard & Ultra™

Preset Name, Looper, Tuner, Tap Tempo.

Sync with Axe-Fx II (XL+)™

Preset Name, Scene Select, Looper, Tuner, Tap Tempo.

Sync with Axe-Fx III/FM3/FM9™

Preset Name, Scene Name, Active Scene, FX Block On/Off state and selected Channel, Looper, Tuner, Tap Tempo.

Sync with Kemper Profiler™

Performance Name, Rig Name, Stomp & FX states, Looper, Tuner, Tap Tempo.

Sync with Neural DSP Quad Cortex™

Use scenes.

Sync with Line 6 HX Stomp™

Use snapshots.

Compact & Lightweight

  • Length : 27 cm (10.63")
  • Width: 23 cm (9.06")
  • Height: 9 cm (3.56")
  • Weight: 1,64 kg (3.62 lbs)

Similar size as the FC-6™, double amount of buttons.

MX-12 (3x4)

3 Expression Inputs

Extra features:

  • Auto-engage.
  • Swap Expr CC's.
  • Suitable for external switches.

3 ways to Power

  • 9-12v Power Adapter 2.1mm.
  • Midi-7 (using the M-Box).
  • Ethercon (using the V-Box).

1 Cable

Use one cable for a clean setup in combination with the V-Box or M-Box.

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MX-12 (3x4)


Global buttons remain there On/Off state on program change.


Avoid tap dancing with Groups. Only one button in a group can be active.

100 presets

Save name and On/Off status of each button for up to 100 presets.

Obsolete when using in combination with an Axe-Fx I/II/III/FM3™ or Kemper Profiler™, since Preset Names are synced.

MX-12 (3x4)

Voes MX-12 (3x4)


Use the editor to program the MX-12 (Windows and Mac).

Swap or Copy buttons on the fly.

Easy setup

In just 3 steps you get started in no time.

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