MX & Quad Cortex™
Extend your control

The MX is an excellent companion for your Quad Cortex™. The MX will extend the Quad Cortex™ with 5-18 extra buttons.

Control your Quad Cortex™

  • Presets & Banks
  • Scenes (*)
  • Block On/Off
  • Looper functions
  • Tuner
  • Tempo

* with a special MX command, Scenes are really easy programmed.

MX & Quad Cortex

MX & Quad Cortex™
Bigger button space

The Quad Cortex™ is very compact. A common complaint is that buttons are too close together which can result in accidentally hitting the wrong button.

The MX is wide enough with vertical (7cm) and horizontal (7.7cm) space between buttons.
(MX-6 is vertical and horizontal 7cm)

Voes MX-12 3x4 vs FC-6

MX & Quad Cortex™
Remote Control

If you want to keep your Quad Cortex™ safe in a rack case (offstage).

The MX will be able to control the Quad Cortex™ using only one cable.

Ethercon and V-Box

The MX-12 2x6, MX-12 3x4 and MX-18 can use an Ethercon or Network Cable and the V-Box to provide power and Midi.

M-Box & V-Box

7-Pin Midi and M-Box

All MX devices can be connected with a 7-Pin Midi cable and the M-Box to provide power and Midi.

M-Box & V-Box

MX & Quad Cortex™
Control all your Midi equipment

If your Quad Cortex setup includes other Midi devices, the MX is ideal to handle this.

  • 6 Midi commands per button
  • Normal and Long press
  • 2 Programmable pages
  • 1 Fixed preset page (MX-12 & MX-18 only)

MX & Quad Cortex™
Easy to use


With the Windows & Mac editor, the MX is easy to setup.

Easy setup

In just 3 steps you get started in no time.


Get started with one of the many templates for the Quad Cortex™ in combination with each MX device.

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