MX & pedalboard
Total control

More sounds.

Devices like the Strymon Sunset™, Eventide H9™, Boss 200 & 500 series™, Line6 M5™, Automatone™, MOD Devices MOD DUO X™, IK Multimedia X-Time™, Microcosm Granular Looper & Glitch Pedal™, GFI System Specular Tempus™, ... are all fantastic musical devices.

Unfortunately, because they have to be compact, you have only one or two buttons to select sounds.

The MX can be a huge help and extend this Midi device with additional presets using Midi PC commands.

Avoid tapdancing.

Use the MX to change all your Midi devices at once.

With 6 commands per button you have more than enough control over your pedalboard.


All MX devices can be powered by a 9-12v 2.1mm power adapter, which is common on any pedalboard.

AC or DC does not matter. Positive/negative side does not matter. The MX will take care or that.

MX-6 & Eventide H9

MX & pedalboard
Digital & Tube Amps

Digital Amp and pedalboard

Compact Amp & FX processors like the Strymon Iridium™, HX Stomp™, Boss GT-1000Core™, in combination with stand alone Midi FX pedals.

MX-6 & HX-stomp

Tube amp and pedalboard

Modern tube amps like Revv D20 & G20™, Hook Wizard™, Marshall 6100™, Hughes & ketner black Spirit 200™, EVH 5150 3™, Engl sauvage 120™, ... can all be controlled by Midi.

Using a MX device can not only give your more sounds, but also control all your other Midi devices on your pedalboard.

Tube Amp & Line6 HX Effects

MX & pedalboard
Special commands

Beside Program Changes, Control Changes and Sysex commands can be used to control your Midi devices.

Special commands:

CC Value, CC Min, CC Plus

Add or substract a fix CC value on each button step.

Commands "CC Value", "CC Minus" and "CC Plus"
Preset Up, Preset Down

An unique function you won't find on most Midi controllers.


Global buttons remain there On/Off state on program change.


Avoid tap dancing with Groups. Only one button in a group can be active.

Expression inputs with Auto on/off and Swap function

Automatically turn your Midi Wah on/off when using an Expression pedal.

Use a command to swap Exp1 or 2 to another Midi channel.

MX-12 & Automatone

MX & pedalboard
Easy to use

MX Editor

With the Windows & Mac editor, the MX is easy to setup.

In just 3 steps you get started in no time.

Get started with one of the many templates.

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When using the MX-6 you can choose, beside the MX Editor, for an alternative MX-6x6 Firmware/Editor with pedalboards in mind.

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