MX & 19" Racks
Total control

The MX is an excellent companion for your 19" Rack with lot of different Midi devices.

5-18 Buttons

Full Programmable.

7 different LED colors.

3 Pages

3 different setups: Page A and Page B, both full editable. Page P (presets) with fixed layout.

2 Layers

Normal Press and Long Press.

6 Commands per layer

Transmitted All In Once or Step-By-Step.

62 Different Command Types

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MX & 19" Racks
Per preset PC's and CC's

Especially for huge racks, the MX has a per Preset PC's and CC's function.

Beside the on/off state of buttons, you can send up to 8 additional PC’s and 4 additional CC's per preset.

Midi Channels and CC numbers are the same for all presets. CC values (on/off) and PC numbers are set per preset.

Per Preset PC's and CC's

MX & 19" Racks
Sysex control

Some older Midi devices, like the TC 2290™, can't handle CC's.

Using commands SysEx and SysEx Toggle solves this problem.

20 SysEx messages are available of 8 characters each or 10 SysEx messages of 16 characters each.

Using the Prefix parameter will allow you to send a max of 8 characters before each SysEx command. Handy when sending different messages to the same Midi device where the first (ID) characters are always identical.

Controlling a TC 2290 with SysEx
Using SysEx

MX & 19" Racks
Special commands

Special commands:

CC Value, CC Min, CC Plus

Add or substract a fix CC value on each button step.

Commands "CC Value", "CC Minus" and "CC Plus"

Global buttons remain there On/Off state on program change.


Avoid tap dancing with Groups. Only one button in a group can be active.

3 Expression inputs with Auto on/off and Swap function

Automatically turn your Midi Wah on/off when using an Expression pedal.

Use a command to swap Exp1 or 2 to another Midi channel.

Using 1 Expression Pedal For Wah And Whammy

MX & 19" Racks
Easy to use


With the Windows & Mac editor, the MX is easy to setup.

Easy setup

In just 3 steps you get started in no time.


Get started with one of the many templates.

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