MX & Line6™
Extend your control

The MX is an excellent companion for your Line6™. The MX will extend the Line6™ with 5-18 extra buttons.

6 MX Models

  • MX-5
  • MX-6
  • MX-9
  • MX-12 2x6
  • MX-12 3x4
  • MX-18

Control your Line6™

  • Presets & Banks
  • Snapshots
  • Block On/Off
  • Parameter
  • Looper functions
  • Tuner
  • Tempo
MX & Line6

MX & Line6™
Special commands

Special commands:


With a special MX command, Snapshots are really easy programmed.


Global buttons remain there On/Off state on program change.


Avoid tap dancing with Groups. Only one button in a group can be active.

MX & Line6™
Easy to use


With the Windows & Mac editor, the MX is easy to setup.

Easy setup

In just 3 steps you get started in no time.


Get started with one of the many templates for the Line6™ in combination with each MX device.

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