MX & Fractal™

The MX is an excellent companion for your Fractal™ device. The MX will sync completely with bidirectional Midi messages.

Sync with Axe-Fx III/FM3/FM9™

  • Preset Name
  • Scene Name
  • Scene Select & Active Scene
  • Block On/Off state
  • Block Selected Channel
  • Looper functions
  • Tuner info
  • Tempo (blink)

Sync with Axe-Fx II (XL+)™

  • Preset Name
  • Scene Select
  • Looper functions
  • Tuner info
  • Tempo (blink)

Sync with Axe-Fx Standard & Ultra™

  • Preset Name
  • Looper functions (Ultra only)
  • Tuner info
  • Tempo (blink)
Syncing with Axe Fx III

MX & Fractal™
Alternative for the FC-6 & FC-12™

Lighter, cheaper and more buttons on the same footprint.

Space between buttons is exactly the same.

MX-12 3x4 vs Fractal FC-6™

Double amount of buttons, half the weight and a lot cheaper.

Voes MX-12 3x4 vs FC-6

MX-18 vs Fractal FC-12™

50% more buttons, half the weight and a lot cheaper.

Voes MX-18 vs FC-12

MX & Fractal™
Use one cable

Using one cable from your MX to your Axe-Fx III/FM3/FM9™.

7-Pin Midi and M-Box

All MX devices can be connected with a 7-Pin Midi cable and the M-Box to provide power and bidirectional Midi.

M-Box & V-Box

Ethercon and V-Box

The MX-12 2x6, MX-12 3x4 and MX-18 can also use an Ethercon or Network Cable. and the V-Box to provide power and bidirectional Midi.

M-Box & V-Box


Ideal when MX and FM3/FM9™ are placed next to each other.

(only MX-12 & MX-18).


MX & Fractal™
Unique commands

The MX has some unique commands that are not available on the Fractal FC footcontrollers™.

3 ways to use the AFX3/FM3-Channel command.

  1. Select a Channel (A/B/C/D).
  2. Switch between 2 channels.
    Example: A-D. Off = channel A, On = channel D.
  3. NXT to jump to the next channel.
    The next channel will be displayed in the LCD and the LED will change on each step: AB - CD.
Channel Select

AFX3/FM3-Block AMP1 & CAB1

Beside all the available Blocks in the Axe-Fx III/FM3/FM9™, there is an extra choice “AMP+CAB” which will affect Amp 1 and Cab 1 at the same time.


AFX3/FM3-Block & Channel

Combine commands Block and Channel. Activate the selected FX Block state and select the desired Channel (A/B/C/D) at the same time.

This reduces the amount of buttons presses.

Block & Channel

MX & Fractal™
More Choices

With 5 different MX models you can always find a perfect MX companion.

Sometimes a big controller like the Fractal FC-6 & FC-12™ are to big or to heavy for your setup.

Sometimes you only need 5-9 extra buttons on a smaller footprint.

All MX models have the same button space (7.7cm) as the FM3/FM9 & FC-6/FC-12™.

Voes MX button space

MX & Fractal™
Control all your Midi equipment

The FC-6/FC-12™ are NOT midi controllers. They are footcontrollers which work only with the Axe-Fx III/FM3/FM9™.

The MX, on the other hand, is a fully equipped Midi controller.

If your setup has other Midi devices, the MX with 6 Midi commands per button is probably a better solution.

MX & Fractal™
Easy to use


With the Windows & Mac editor, the MX is easy to setup.

Easy setup

In just 3 steps you get started in no time.


Get started with one of the many templates for each Fractal™ device in combination with each MX device.

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