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Using 1 Expression Pedal For Wah And Whammy

Quick Setup MX-18 - Axe-Fx III

Syncing with an Axe-Fx III

Using Axe-Fx III Channels

MX-12 & FM3

MX-12 & FM3 = OMG12

MX-5 & FM3


MX-6/MX-9 & Quad Cortex

Customer review: MX-12 & FM-3 (Czech)

MX-6 & HX-stomp

Syncing with a Kemper Profiler

Kemper Profiler Looper

Controlling a TC 2290 with SysEx

Per Preset PC's and CC's

Using SysEx

Playing Notes, Triggering Samples

Presets & Banks

MX-6 & Eventide H9

V-Box & M-Box

Axe-Fx II & MX-12 (2x6)

SW-1 & SW-2

MX-Editor installation on a Mac

Tube Amp & Line6 HX Effects

Customer review: unboxing MX-12 (2x6)

Customer review: rig rundown Bogera Amp, Line6 M5, MX-12 (2x6)