MX & Kemper™

The MX is an excellent companion for your Kemper™ device. The MX will sync completely with bidirectional Midi messages.

Sync with Kemper™

  • Performance Name
  • Active Rig
  • Rig Name
  • Stomp & FX On/Off state
  • Rotary Speed
  • Dly Feedback
  • Dly Hold
  • Looper functions
  • Tuner info
  • Tempo
Syncing with a Kemper Profiler
Kemper Profiler Player & HX Stomp

MX & Kemper™
Use one cable

Using one cable from your MX to your Kemper™.

7-Pin Midi and M-Box

All MX devices can be connected with a 7-Pin Midi cable and the M-Box to provide power and bidirectional Midi.

M-Box & V-Box

Ethercon and V-Box

The MX-12 2x6, MX-12 3x4 and MX-18 can also use an Ethercon or Network Cable. and the V-Box to provide power and bidirectional Midi.

M-Box & V-Box

MX & Kemper™
Looper functions

Beside syncing performance and rig info, the MX is also capable to use the Kemper™ looper functions.

  • Record
  • Play/Stop
  • Undo
  • Reverse
  • Half
  • Erase
Kemper Profiler Looper

MX & Kemper™
Control all your Midi equipment

The Kemper Profiler Remote™ is NOT a midi controller. This footcontroller works only with the Kemper™.

The MX, on the other hand, is a fully equipped Midi controller.

If your setup has other Midi devices, the MX with 6 Midi commands per button is probably a better solution.

MX & Kemper™
Easy to use


With the Windows & Mac editor, the MX is easy to setup.

Easy setup

In just 3 steps you get started in no time.


Get started with one of the many templates for the Kemper™ in combination with each MX device.

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