5 Buttons

Full Programmable.

Red/Blue duo color leds for each Button.

Ready to use out-of-the-box

3 Modes to use:

    ° Program Mode

    ° Preset Mode

    ° Scene Mode

Preset Mode and Scene Mode can be configured and used without the Editor.

Voes MC-5jr


Suited for AX-8 & FX-8™

Same length.

Same button distance.

Can handle Scenes.

Compact & Lightweight

  • Length : 40 cm (15.75")
  • Width: 6 cm (2.36")
  • Weight: 620 gr (1.37 lbs)
Voes MC-5jr


Suited for All Midi Devices

Use MC-5jr to extend your possibilities on any Midi Device

2 ways to Power

  • 9v Power Adapter 2.1mm.
  • Midi-7 (using the M-Box).
Voes MC-5jr Voes MC-5jr


Expression Input

Extra features:

  • Auto-engage.
  • Swap Expr CC.
  • Suitable for external switch.

2 Layers, 4 Commands, 19 Types

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Voes MC-5jr


Voes MC-5jr


Easy to use editor (PC only).

Editor Layout matches the MC-5jr layout.

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Voes MC-5jr