Voes Midi Controllers
Custom Projects

Do you wish you could control midi with a customized layout?

You already have a floorboard, but no place for the MC-5jr/5/10?

In partnership with Rik's Rockshop we provide custom midi solutions.

Everything is possible: customized layout, customized programming.
No limits!

Scroll down for some examples.

Feel free to contact us for details and price.

Voes MC-10 Minimal

MC-10 minimal is a stripped version of the regular MC-10. It contains 2 custom PCB's and several chips.

Use your own buttons and led's and connect them to the MC-10 minimal.

This has several advantages:

  •  Save on the cost of an enclosure.
  •  Place your buttons where you want on a Pedalboard.
  •  Use as many buttons and leds as you need (max 10).
  •  Use custom leds like in the picture below.
  •  Use the same firmware and editor as the MC-10.
  •  100% compatible with the MC-10.

  • VOES MC-10 & LF+ 12+

    As example, a custom pedalboard build by Rik's Rockshop

    It includes a Liquid Foot™ LF+ 12+, a MC-10 minimal and three expression pedals. One Expression pedal is connected to the MC-10.

    Look at the gorgeous custom leds he made!

    VOES MC-10 & LF+ 12+

    VOES MC-10 & LF+ 12+

    Voes RIK-04 & RIK-06

    Complex pedalboard build by Rik's Rockshop with 2 custom programmed chips.

    VOES RIK-04 & RIK-06

    RIK-04 controls the Mastermind™

    Button P1-P6 with Led sends Program Changes 1-6.
    Bank Button has a Duo-led. Depending on the led (Green-Red-Orange) you select Bank 1-2-3.

    VOES RIK-04 Detail

    RIK-06 controls both Eventide™ H9 and Timefactor

    First H9 button steps between program 1-2-3 of the H9. Second and third steps between program 4-5-6 and program 7-8-9 of the H9.

    TT Button controls tap tempo of the H9.

    TF Buttons act similar as the H9 buttons, but are connected to the Timefactor.

    VOES RIK-06 Detail

    Voes RIK-01

    Another custom programmed chip for a pedalboard build by Rik's Rockshop.

    Button 1-9 sends Program Changes to the Eventide™ Timefactor.

    Left button controls tempo of the Timefactor.

    VOES MR-01



    VOES MR-01

    Voes MD-63


    Midi-display as extension of a Midi-device (Gig Rig™) with no display.

    USB connection for easy-to-use editor.

    Depending on your needs, you can choose:

    •   63 presets with 16 characters
    •   95 presets with 10 characters
    •   127 presets with 8 characters




    Voes MC-3.2


    A variation on the MC-5.

    Instead of 5 buttons, the MC-3.2 has 3 buttons and 2 Action Knobs.

    The two Action Knobs can change parameters on the fly.

    Each Knob has 4 Knob presets.

    Each Knob preset has maximum 2 CC-commands.

    USB connection for easy-to-use editor.

    Auto engage/disengage Expression Pedal 1.

    4 commands for each button. Available commands: none, PC, CC on/off, CC off/on, CC on only, CC off only, CC custom, Expr 1 CC swap, Button on/off, Scenes, Bank up/down, Program up/down, Page select.

    Advanced commands: Group, Steps and Knobs.

    2 Pages and Press-And-Hold function.

    Suited for Scenes, a feature of Fractal Audio Systems™.




    MC-3.2 Editor