Voes MC-3.2

A variation on the MC-5.

Instead of 5 buttons, the MC-3.2 has 3 buttons and 2 Action Knobs.

The two Action Knobs can change parameters on the fly.

Each Knob has 4 Knob presets.

Each Knob preset has maximum 2 CC-commands.

USB connection for easy-to-use editor.

Auto engage/disengage Expression Pedal 1.

4 commands for each button. Available commands: none, PC, CC on/off, CC off/on, CC on only, CC off only, CC custom, Expr 1 CC swap, Button on/off, Scenes, Bank up/down, Program up/down, Page select.

Advanced commands: Group, Steps and Knobs.

2 Pages and Press-And-Hold function.

Suited for Scenes, a feature of Fractal Audio Systems .




MC-3.2 Editor

Voes MD-63

Midi-display as extension of a Midi-device (Gig Rig ) with no display.

USB connection for easy-to-use editor.

Depending on your needs, you can choose:

  •   63 presets with 16 characters
  •   95 presets with 10 characters
  •   127 presets with 8 characters




Voes MR-01

A simple project on a pedalboard build by Rik's Rockshop.

9 custom programmed buttons control to control the Eventide () Timefactor and H9.